Would you like your house to be a host home for tourists and people traveling to our country every day?


With our program "homestay" you can accommodate people from different countries at home, learn new cultures and improve other languages, while you earn money for it.


Each day guests from all over the world make reservations for this type of accommodation.


As a host family you can unsubscribe from our system immediately anytime you wish.


The length of stay depends on the needs of the family and the host; it is possible to accommodate tourists for days, but also to students or temporary workers, whose stay can vary from one week to one year.


The indicative rates for the different types of accommodation, including breakfast and WiFi, are as follows:


1 night - 30 €


1 week - 175 € (4 € laundry service)


1 month - 650 € (including laundry service)


These rates are subject to change if the host family so wishes.


If you are interested in being a host family for the procedure to register is very simple:


1) We will send you a link so you can create a profile on the online platform family, or if you want, we will do it for you; simply send some photos with a brief description of his family and his home and set how much to charge for it. And you can start hosting people.




2) Once your profile is published, prospective visitors may request a reservation with you through our secure messages. The family may accept or decline any guest according to their tastes and needs. There is also an application for video conferencing with the guest and know before.




3) we recommend to the family who can devote some time to the guest, either with a cup of tea on arrival, or a brief explanation of the facilities that comprise the guest around the neighborhood.




4) When the tourist end the stay you will be asked to write an assessment of the family so that your opinion will be useful for future guests.




If you feel attracted by this idea you can register or send the information necessary for us to do the dump information into the application directly, and I'll be you'll start hosting!


Register as a host family